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Molecular Life's secure, personalized health information and DNA testing empowers you with the knowledge and tools to explore your response to drugs and manage your health and well-being.
  • Be better informed about your health
  • Manage your family's health more easily
  • Understand safety issues around medications
  • Build up a medical profile you can take anywhere
  • Check for drug on drug interactions
  • Uncover personalized health insights with a DNA test
  • Check drug safety against your DNA profile
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Once you have registered your interest, and we have notified you of its availability, it's easy to open your Molecular Life Account. Here’s what to do:

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Discover deeper more personalized health insights, including your potential response to different medications, by taking our DNA Health Test.

Discover your unique self with a DNA Test

Your DNA is what you are made of. It gives you powerful insights into your own health. It can reveal the exercise regimes best suited to you, or how to change your lifestyle to help avoid inherited illness. You can learn how your body metabolizes and reacts to different foods and nutrients. And you can get a personalized, more accurate prediction of how a medication's side effects or interactions might impact you.

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Your privacy and security is our priority

We are committed to the stringent protection of customer data, in
accordance with and beyond current data privacy and protection standards.
Molecular Life does not commercialize customer data, is committed to
treating data anonymously and applies strict policy standards.

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